I am nearly 40. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark together with my 4 girls: my wife, our almost 2-year-old daughter and our 2 chubby female cats. I have a PhD in physics engineering and now I am working a normal salary job in a big corporation. Work is alright but becoming a father has significantly changed my priorities. And so I have tried to make an effort to spend more time at home. Family life is just a lot more interesting right now than work.


While spending time at home during my paternity leave, I accidentally stumbled across the FIRE (financially independence retire early) concept. FIRE is about reducing costs and invest the savings to generate passive income with the intent of not having to work for a salary again. In essence a very simple formula: save, invest, skip work and live of your investments. But what should you invest in? I have previously invested in stocks but with no greater success. However, my interest in FIRE also lead me to crowdlending/peer-to-peer (p2p) lending.


I find p2p investments attractive due to the high interest rates, the steady monthly payouts and the possibility to quickly liquidate investments if the money is needed elsewhere. Other types of investments such as real estate and stocks normally require a 5-10 year commitment for it be worthwhile. Unless you of course start day trading but that would require that I skip my day job, and I am not quite ready for that yet.

And so p2p has now become the primary leg of my three legged investment strategy consisting of stocks/ETFs, real estate and p2p.

Goal of Investments

As the gauge below indicates, financial independence is far far away right now. That is alright. I know that this is a long process and perhaps financial independence is not even the main goal. Goals often change and the purpose of the passive income might as well. Perhaps the passive income should instead enable longer holidays to more exotic destinations, a 4 day working week, a new insanely expensive hobby or perhaps we will simply save it all up for the next generation.

Blog Name

The name of the blog is inspired by the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of my all time favourite movies. By reading this guide, your p2p journey will hopefully be a little easier and more comfortable, like hitching a ride.

About the Blog

My p2p journey started at the beginning of 2019. Sometime during September I got the idea of this blog as a way to share my experiences, knowledge and to force myself to reflect so I would not end up as a lazy investor making poor investment decisions.

However, the intent of the blog is also to be a valuable resource for new p2p investors. So if you are a new or potential p2p investor, I hope you learn something from visiting my site. Feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy your visit.

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