Platform casualties

Whereas health authorities and governments alike are updating Corona related casualty curves, it could make sense to do the same in a P2P context. There have already been several confirmed pre-Corona cases this year; Kuetzal, Envestio, Monethera etc., but with no appearent link to the current economic climate.  However, for the next platforms to collapse, […]

Yield (YTD) March 2020

2019 was an easy year as a P2P investor. Most of the year you could just lean back, relax, and count the money. The P2P industry seemed to be running smoothly, of course there were still some hiccups but nothing too alarming. Fuelled by new insights and more sceptical investors, this radically changed in 2020. […]

Corona vs. Investments

Stock markets are plummeting, unemployment rates are drastically increasing and governments around the world are creating financial stimulus packages to save their local economies hoping that other countries will do the same. There is no doubt that the current crisis will put its mark on the global markets. The question now remains whether this will […]

Mintos LO spring clean-up

Based on the seemingly endless string of troubled LOs on Mintos during the last half a year, I have decided that it is time to do a little spring clean-up. To start with loans of LOs rated at 40 acc. to explorep2p or less has been put on sale. Why 40? Well, I had to […]

Portfolio February 2020

   This is my P2P portfolio, which constitutes about 50% of my overall investments. Mintos is by far the largest single contributor with Viventor and Perberry on 2nd and 3rd place followed by Viainvest and Grupeer. I would have liked to diversify more but I find it difficult to identify alternatives that provide a reasonable […]

Recent P2P Events

What a crazy month of January 2020. This time it wasn’t just loan originators in trouble, this time it was actual platforms! Platform collaps It was a result of the P2P community applying pressure to several platforms as part of an increased focus on due diligence. Platforms were faced with questions to their businesses and […]

Portfolio January 2020

  My current investment portfolio consists of three legs; P2P, property and stocks. The majority is in P2P but there is also a large amount in property, savings, and a small, but increasing amount in stocks. On the portfolio page you can find more details and reflections on my P2P investment portfolio including a Risk […]