Mintos LO spring clean-up

Based on the seemingly endless string of troubled LOs on Mintos during the last half a year, I have decided that it is time to do a little spring clean-up. To start with loans of LOs rated at 40 acc. to explorep2p or less has been put on sale. Why 40? Well, I had to start somewhere and I could see that Monego was rated 34. So I thought a small buffer to that level would be nice. But it might as well have been 45 or 50.

Browsing through the loans, there is a lot of LOs that I did not know I had invested in. Some of them might also have changed name along the way. I wonder why?

Perhaps these investments are related to the I&A function that I briefly tested but decided not to use. I found that the diversification level was insufficient and I did not like that LOs could not be deselected. Both aspects are possible with an auto invest function. Yes, with I&A you can liquefy your investments quickly, which might be beneficial for some investors. However, I have a hard time imagining that I will find that useful unless the P2P market crashes. But, in that case we are all screwed anyway. For my investments the reduced level of control was a too high premium for the I&A function to make any sense.

And so now I am just waiting to see whether the loans will sell or whether I am stuck with them. Perhaps I do need to offer a small discount or perhaps they will sell like ice cream on a hot summer’s day. I hardly think that will happen but let’s see.