Portfolio February 2020

This is my P2P portfolio, which constitutes about 50% of my overall investments. Mintos is by far the largest single contributor with Viventor and Perberry on 2nd and 3rd place followed by Viainvest and Grupeer. I would have liked to diversify more but I find it difficult to identify alternatives that provide a reasonable risk/benefit ratio.

Particularly with the recent commotion in the European P2P market with multiple platforms under the suspicion of scamming investors. This has highlighted some of the risks of P2P investments and the importance of a proper due diligence process, which I must admit is not always so easy. In these circumstances it is nice to see investors coming together. Lets see what the lawsuits will bring and if there are any values left to retrieve…

Interest Rate (XIRR) February 2020

An average interest rate of 10.8 % for this month with Crowdestor leading the pack at 14.8%. Some platforms are still under-performing due to last months re-distribution of funds. Hence, next months average might be even closer to 11%.

Cashdrag is currently not such an issue. Robocash, Swaper and Viainvest have all improved, which should be visible in next months performance.

Brickshare, Crowdestate, and Trine do not pay on a monthly basis and has therefore been left out.