Portfolio January 2020

My current investment portfolio consists of three legs; P2P, property and stocks. The majority is in P2P but there is also a large amount in property, savings, and a small, but increasing amount in stocks. On the portfolio page you can find more details and reflections on my P2P investment portfolio including a Risk Grid and financial KPIs for each platform.

Interest Rate (XIRR) January 2020

It seems like that most of the platforms have now settled at around 10%. Due to the recent redistribution of funds some platforms are under-performing this month whereas Mintos has gotten a 1% boost. This is expected to even out in the next couple of months, as the platforms adjust to the new baseline. Viventor gets the honourable mentioning this month as the best performer. Envestio has been removed from the overview as it is currently inaccessible and pending a lawsuit.