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Below I have gathered some of my favourite p2p blogs and forums. I use these sites regularly to inform myself of what platforms to invest in, what loan originators to choose, platform statistics and for inspiration. Since you are here, I guess you may also find these sites interesting.

Platform Reviews/Ratings

Alternative Investments: Large portfolio and comprehensive reviews of a variety of European p2p platforms. Good site for benchmarking your investments.

Platform Loan Volumes

P2P Market Data: Useful table with a vast selection of p2p platforms including many European. Looks at the quarterly trend in loan volume.

P2P Banking: Contains a table with the monthly loan volume of many p2p platforms. Comparing with last month and the same month last year, it gives you some idea of the trend. Good site for p2p news.

Loan Originator Ratings

Explore P2P: Ranks the loan originators on Mintos and a couple of other platforms based on their financial performance

Colminey: In-depth analysis of p2p platforms, interesting portfolio insights and Mintos loan originators overview.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Alternative Investments: Larger portfolio and comprehensive reviews of a large variety of European p2p platforms. Good site for benchmarking your investments.

P2P Millionaire: The 10K club portfolio is quite useful for benchmarking.

General Info & Gossip

P2P Independent Forum: Good place to keep yourself informed and read about the latest p2p gossip. It provides valuable information in terms of what platforms to use and what loan originators to invest in.

Inspirational Sites

Early Retirement Extreme: Great blog for an introduction to the financial independence retire early (FIRE) concept, which is about cutting down on expenses and investing your savings.

P2P Tax Guidance (only relevant for Danes)

Min Investering: The blog I consulted as a new p2p investor. The site is in Danish and has a useful section about taxation

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